Who is Leslie Gerik Nelson?…

Hello everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

For my first blog post, I wanted to share the results of a quick experiment.  Have you googled your name before?  Let’s be honest… everyone has at one time or another.  There is a plethora of information on the interwebs- but how much is actually true or relates to yourself?  I took my questions to Google to see what I could find…

I first tried checking out what came up with my married name – “Leslie Nelson” and the search resulted in almost 37 million results! This combination and name is fairly common, so links on the 1st page weren’t mine!  Also, the actor Leslie Nielsen, dominated the results (as you can see below).  This isn’t too surprising since people call me “Leslie Nielsen” fairly often by mistake.

Leslie Nelson_edited google 1.21.16

Next up – searching “Leslie Gerik Nelson” (my full name).  I was feeling more confident in this search, since my maiden name is pretty unique, and I don’t think there are any other Leslie Gerik’s in the world.

My, my, my… What do we have here?  All the results (on the front page at least) were mine.  I didn’t have the time (or patience) to go through all 10,700 results to 100% verify – but it’s hard to imagine there are that many dealing with little ‘ole me.  To further validate the results, I decided to search with ” ” around my name (so that it would search the phrase as a whole, rather than the terms individually), and the total results equaled about 1,510 – a more believable number.

Even my new website (the one hosting this blog) made it on the list.  SCORE!  I would imagine that it will improve its rank once I start using the site more often (goal #1).  I was a little surprised to see an ancestry.com post on my front page of results.  Another goal I have would be to include my LinkedIn profile on the front page of results (goal #2). I hope to improve the results (as a whole) and have my main social media profiles and efforts rank higher on the list (goal #3).

Leslie Gerik Nelson edited google 1.21.16

An interesting experiment indeed!  I encourage everyone to do the same and see what you will find… the results may end up shocking you!  Have a wonderful day! ~Leslie


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