Using this ‘Twitter’ thing…

Hello all!

Social Media keeps changing by the minute.  One area I am not as strong as I’d like to be is in the Twitter space.

twitter-icon I have been on for several years (@ATXLeslie) but don’t use the platform as often as others do- individuals and companies alike.

To help encourage myself to use Twitter more often, I decided to follow 5 individuals/companies that I want to learn from and have included the list below:

  1. Simon Sinek (@simonsinek) – I have been a fan of Simon for several years.  I have read 2 of his books and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.  From the look of it, he doesn’t Tweet that often, but when he does, his messages do get several hundred favorites and retweets.  I have always been drawn to his work and will now add his Twitter site as one I frequent.  It will be interesting to compare his posts from different platforms and see if they correlate or if he has a different strategy for each. His work actually inspired my next choice as well.
  2. TED Talks (@TEDtalks) – One of the first TED Talks I fell in love with was the one that introduced me to Simon.  Since then, I have watched others, but definitely want to add more to my repertoire.  It seems their Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy is a little different than Simon’s and is more in line with the big brands out there.  They try to post every hour and use a variety of promotions- links, photos, videos, etc.. One thing that I noticed is that they have 7M+ followers, but each post seems to only get a few HUNDRED favorites/retweets.  That makes me think that most of their fan base doesn’t interact with the company through Twitter.  It will be interesting to evaluate how the company uses Social Media in the future.
  3. Forbes (@Forbes) – This account is similar to @TEDtalks in that they post frequently and several times a day, they have a large number of followers (8.21M), and fan interaction is very minimal, since there are a small number (less than 100) favorites/retweets are visible for each post.  I wonder if people aren’t resonating with the content that is being published or if fans are just not connecting with the brand as a whole.  I wonder if Twitter interaction correlates to any other key metrics @Forbes may use such as online subscription rates, number of issues sold, or sponsor dollars spent.
  4. Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur) – I have always enjoyed the content that Entrepreneur shares on its Facebook page, so I thought I would also follow them on Twitter.  It will be interested to see how the company integrates the 2 different platforms and how much is similar between the 2 sites.  Also, another thing to watch with this account (and the others that I have mentioned) includes what types of posts do THEY retweet on their page.  Are they linked to other companies that they share?  How often do they retweet others’ content, rather than their own?
  5. VMware (@VMware) – I know, I know.. I *have* to follow them because I work there, but there are a few different aspects to @VMware that I am interested in analyzing.  Technically, I have followed them for several years.  Actually, they are the reason I created Twitter in August 2013.  I was attending our company conference – @VMworld – and they encouraged us all to create a screen name to interact with the company, attendees, sponsors, and more.  I occasionally will check out what the company posts or retweet an important post, but my involvement is very minimal.  It seems like @VMware (like many brands/companies/etc.) has many different sub-accounts – @VMworld, @VMwareEvents, @vCloud, @VMwareCareers, @VMwareNews, and more! I understand the need for separate accounts, in some regard, because different segments/events/business units/etc. have different audiences and different content to be shared.  To ensure it hits the right people, I suspect they don’t mind the cannibalization that might occur, but how much is too much?  Is there a strategy established to link different accounts or posts?  How much cross referencing occurs?  When is the decision made to create a new, sub-account?

Do you Tweet?  If so, follow me at @ATXLeslie and share your thoughts about Twitter, send me recommended individuals/companies I should check out, or just to stop by and say hello!  Have a wonderful day!



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