The Power of LinkedIn

I am a huge fan of LinkedIn and have been using it for years.  In fact, I can thank LinkedIn for helping facilitate my job at VMware.  In December 2011, I was contacted by a recruiter at the software company asking if I would be interested in a new role they were creating in Inside Sales.  I jumped on the opportunity and had an interview and offer a few days later.  Even though that experience is the exception (not the norm), I will always consider LinkedIn as a valuable resource to help further my professional goals.

linkedin 2.4.16

Many things have changed since 2011, and I need to update my profile and details of my experiences to better reflect my true value.  linkedinIn addition, the platform has improved over the years – in both functionality, popularity, and stock price!

One way to improve my profile is to ensure I stay connected with colleagues, classmates, and mentors.  While at VMware, I have built solid relationships with many Sales leaders throughout the company.  I have connected with many Client Executives, Regional Directors, and District Managers throughout the organization, but only have a handful of members of the c-suite among my connections.  To rectify this, I added a few of VMware’s top influences and hope they accept my invitation to connect.  We share many of the same connections, so I believe that will help.

One of the executives I reached out to connect with is Robin Matlock, VMware’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  I am inspired by her leadership and have seen first hand what she has done to turn around and improve VMware’s marketing presence.  robin matlockHer passion and drive is present in all presentations she makes.  While looking at her background, I was surprised to see she went to Rice University (just down the road in Houston) but didn’t major in Marketing, but rather Economics and Music.  Her experiences over the last 20 years enabled her to land the top marketing job at VMware.

Recently, I was the Project Manager for our team’s virtual booth at Worldwide Sales Kickoff.  Though this project, I was able to connect with several individuals all over the world and facilitate many virtual conversations.  I also was able to connect with a fellow booth owner, who happens to handle a lot of the Social Media activities for VMware.  Even though we do not work in the same office (he is in Palo Alto), I hope to connect with him soon to discuss his thoughts and views on the impact of Social Media Marketing on the company and our customers.

In addition to updating my profile and connections, groups are another great way to further one’s reach through LinkedIn.  You get to interact with different individuals (sometimes all over the world) that may share a common interest.  I am not active on groups as much as much as I should, but I hope that will change soon.  Below are a few groups I decided to join to help expand my knowledge in key areas of my career.


I am still awaiting approval, but hope to stay active in the 3 groups above.  All 3 are large groups with many different conversations occurring, so I am confident I can find some way to participate and share my perspective.  Also, in regards to Social Media, things are constantly changing, so being part of groups that talk about these changes can help find ways to innovate and adapt to what is happening around us.

LinkedIn is a great professional resources that has changed the dynamic between individuals and their employers.  It also has been instrumental in helping organizations market effectively in the B2B space and allows for another avenue for relationship building.  Are you among my connections?  If not, reach out HERE, and I would love to connect.  Have a wonderful day!


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