“Czech”-ing out Facebook

While working with the Texas Czech Genealogical Society (TCGS) over the last year, I have come to know several different resources and groups on Facebook.  As the organization’s Social Media Manager, I have successfully created a Facebook presence and connected with many different groups that share common interests with our members.  Also, one of my main goals is to help evangelize our organization to individuals all over the world that would benefit from being a part of TCGS.  page

Many of our members are new to Facebook and online.  In the beginning, I created “how to” guides to explain how individuals could connect with our pages.  I slowly started integrating relevant and interesting content in order to help boost participation and encourage more people to join TCGS.  We now offer many daily interesting tidbits that our members really enjoy including #MusicMonday, #TipTuesday, #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT), #FoodFriday, #SocialSaturday, and #StopySundays.  In addition to posting that coincides with the daily theme, I also will share relevant information from other key groups  that our members would enjoy or be interested in learning more about.

There are many different groups that share in a passion for Czech Heritage.  When I joined the organization, I made sure to join as many groups as possible to help spread the word about the TCGS page.  I tried to post weekly in the groups directing them to our site and increasing our “Like” count.  Also, we are able to use the Facebook page to help communicate with our members in real time.  We are able to answer questions, offer suggestions, and share info regarding upcoming events.

Here are several of the main groups I use to promote the TCGS page:


cz genealogy3

I chose these groups because their focus aligns with that of the TCGS page – either in the area of Czech genealogy/ancestry or Texas Czechs.  Also, these groups (and others) share a ton of relevant information that I pass along to our followers as well.  I have learned of many different resources that may be available and also have been able to connect personally with some of my relatives that I have lost contact with.  I also am made aware of different events that are happening around our great state that I help promote through the TCGS Facebook page.  In addition, I try to share relevant information and share TCGS events with the groups that I belong to.  Our connection is a two way street in which information flows both ways.  I am also happy to see when others share the TCGS posts with their networks!

pagelikesThe “Insights” tab and information has been a very valuable resource since I have created the page in June 2015.  I am able to check the effectiveness of my efforts to gain “likes” and evaluate what posts generate more traffic (see below). It is very interesting to see what and how our members and followers interact with our page.  This area also helps me and the officers of TCGS understand our reach, which may influence future events or services we offer.  It also helps me understand when our followers are online, so that I can share content in the most effective ways and times of the day (see below).

pagelikes2I wish I had more time to dedicate to evaluating other key groups and pages that would help further the TCGS brand.  In the meantime, I will continue to monitor these groups (and others) in order to find new content to share, as well as be a valuable contributor to their own pages.

Be sure to “Czech” out the Texas Czech Genealogical Society’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TXCZGS.

*WARNING: pictures of kolaches (and other delicious Czech food) may make you hungry!




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