Should Instagram be changed to ‘Videogram’?

Hello all!  Today’s post is all about Instagram.  I have been on the platform for several years (@ATXLeslie) and have witnessed the rise in the site – from users sharing fun posts to more and more businesses using Instagram to market its products/services.  IG1Also, they were one of the apps that integrated video a little later after its initial launch (July -August 2013).  To be honest, I don’t normally create/upload many videos on any of my social media platforms.  I do share videos on Facebook, but that is merely for the convenience of the option and the need to want to share funny and relevant material with my network.

Instagram is another story.  Its video restrictions limit you to only 15 second videos, so ones like my “elevator pitch” below would not work or would have to be severely edited down. Because of such limitations, I find it hard to believe that Instagram is the best platform for this feature. However, videos that are content rich and short (under 15 seconds), they may be a better option, especially if video sharing is a main priority of your brand.

Leslie Gerik Nelson – elevator pitch on Facebook – HERE

I used graphic design elements and my own audio to produce, since I did not want to be on camera.  I am of the opinion that videos should be relevant and appropriate for the message/theme you are presenting.  Also, videos don’t always have feature a human!  Informational videos and info-graphs can often have a same effect, depending on the company and theme.

In order to evaluate what other social media professionalsIG9 are doing in the Instagram space, I decided to follow a few key players in the industry and Instagram, to help provide a guide of how others (competitors, allies, potential collaborators) use the platform.

1) Social Engineering – Reason: has almost 79k followers and informative bio with contact info for other platforms; Concerns: only has 158 posts

2) Social Media College – Reason: my friend (who is;  a Social Media Manager) also follows this account and materials shared here may be useful in future endeavors; Concerns: only 121 points

3) Social Media Consultant – Reason: had a range in content types (images/videos) and seemed relevant; Concerns: not enough followers (1155) but only 22 posts

I will need to do some further research to determine the best type of content works best.  Using quick videos (under 15 seconds) would be an effective tactic, as long as they are relevant to your post and can help further the brand. Also, Canva is a perfect tool that can help with high quality graphics and images as well which will help on the image side.

More and more people are posting videos on Instagram these days, which begs the question – will the ‘future’ use of Instagram be dominated by videos?  If so, will it changes its name to ‘Videogram’?



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