Who gives a ‘hoot’ about Hootsuite? I do!

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delay in posting.  This semester has gotten super busy with everything going on at school and work.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel though… I graduate in 30 days!  CAN. NOT. WAIT.

This installment of my blog focuses on Hootsuite – a social media management platform that helps aggregate and simplify all things related to social media.  hootsuite-branding

I have actually used Hootsuite for over a year now, as it was a convenient way for me to manage the TCGS Facebook page in the past.  I particularly enjoyed the ability to combine multiple streams into one view (or tab), with each stream focusing on an applicable facet relating to TCGS’s social media plan.

Hootsuite Certification was the next logical step for me, so that I can include that qualification on my resume.  Going into the materials and preparation for the test, I assumed I could breeze by the curriculum since I had experience working with the platform.  At this point, I thought I just basically ‘going through the motions’ to be officially certified.

While I knew I would learn a few things, I was pleasantly surprised when my expectations on the coursework and certification as a whole were blown out of the water!  I had NO IDEA that Hootsuite had this much functionality!  I learned new things that I could immediately implement on the TCGS Facebook page and social media plan, such as – the ability to track keywords and search topics related to the industry or competitors, the plethora of ways to solicit content from reputable sources – both online and on social media, and the ease of sharing through advanced scheduling options and the Hootlet plug in.   The Hootlet plug in was especially of interest, since it allows for easy sharing from websites, blogs, etc. – which houses a lot of relevant data to many TCGS followers.

Another fact that particular piqued my interest was the ability to add so many different social media sites to manage under one dashboard. Hootsuite-blog-image Currently, TCGS only has Facebook, but I have plans to expand to more sites in the near future.  The availability to have all under one ‘roof’ is extremely beneficial and makes social media marketing more efficient and in turn, more effective.


Now that I have my Hootsuite Certified Professional certificate – what’s next?  I plan to continue my learning through Hootsuite and complete other learning modules to stay abreast of the latest and greatest trends on social media.  Also, as time passes and social media platforms become more mature, Hootsuite may add additional features.  In the future, new social media platforms are constantly being developed and introduced to the masses, which will require new skills and knowledge to ensure I remain relevant in the social media marketing arena.

Hootsuite simplifies the complexities of social media.  Its management platform helps provide a holistic view of social media marketing across multiple platforms, campaigns, competitors, and trends, and I look forward to utilizing more functionalities of the site in the future.



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